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Blender Rig

Here you can type any questions about the rig or blender, Anything you would like me to add in the next update. Or just somthing else about the rig/blender ;) (Maybe link your video that you made with this rig...)

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Don't you already have blender ?


Download blender here for free:




Use JMc2Obj to import your minecraft worlds to blender!

Click here to download JMc2Obj



If using this rig credits are appreciated! :)



Latest RIG Update: 09/03-14


• New Character rig

• 3D looking TNT block




• Filter size of most textures has been changed from 1 to 0.1



Make sure to tell me what you want in the next update! :)

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How do I import a object from one scene to another?

Answer: To import objects from another rig, Go to: "File" - "Append" - Now you locate the rig as you want to import the object(s) from - Double click the rig - Open the folder "Objects" - And now you select the object(s) you want to import.


Why is steves head black?

Answer: Because of the hat. If you don't need it, select it and delete it. Othewise if you need it, Select it and change the skin of it to your character skin. Also it needs a light pointing at it for it to be transparent.(The hat will be fixed for the next update and alot easier to use now)


How do I move the legs?

Answer: First make sure you are in Pose Mode with the armature selected. The newer rigs are using IK rigs for the legs(not the same as in the tutorial)

To control the legs there are a smaller bone under the leg. Use that one to control the legs.


How do I animate the face?

Answer: There is a armature above the mobs head. Select it and enter pose mode with it. Now you move these drivers to control the facical features(shapekeys).



How do I change the skin?

Answer: Select the mesh of the character, go into the texture pannel: http://prntscr.com/2mop0k

then you click "Open", locate the skin you want to use and click "Open Image" or Enter. now when you render a image the character should wear that skin you chose.