Mineature Laboratories




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* Puzzle Map

* Portal 2 inspired

* Puzzle's from Electric Cave

* Advanced Redstone

* Nice Design

* Good Storyline


Mineature Laboratories is a sequel of the minecraft map Electric Cave, But still on it's own storyline. This map is also inspired by the game Portal 2.


This is harder then the Electric cave... since everyone though it was to easy.





Hope you like it and don't forget to show some love for all the creators + leave us a comment about what you though about the map ;)


The map is not really mod friendly...

Some mods might destroy some features or redstone... So best this is to play this map in vanilla! (optifine and mods like that are ok to have installed)



Remember to report all bugs!

(since this map is pretty new it might be a few) Thanks ;)